Recent Activities & Collaboration

Summary and Activities of Hungry Mission:

  • Szeged University
  • Finding potentials for cooperation and related people in Szeged University and sending their names to departments and members of faculties to contact them
  • Staying in touch with the vice-president of international affairs and reflecting related news
  • Exchanging at least one faculty member and one PhD candidate between the two Universities
  • Pursuing medical universities cooperation


Graphisoft Park:

  • Discussing the possibility of signing memorandum of understanding with Science and Technology park of Yazd
  • Using experiences for developing a comprehensive plan
  • Inviting them to Iran and presenting a seminar for presidents of the innovation parks




Semmelweis University:


  • Making scientific contact between Yazd university and semmelweis university particularly in the field of pathology
  • Discussing the possibility of making a MOU between one of medical universities of there and Yazd university

Persian speakers

Hosting about 15 people for a week in Yazd in Shahrivar





  • Discussing the probability of establishing a clinic by doctors from Yazd
  • Exploring the possibility of building a hotel o traditional guesthouse by investors from Yazd
  • Studying probability of constructing an agricultural complex by investors from Yazd
  • Examining the possibility of signing a memorandum of understanding with one of Iranian Universities (Bu-Ali Sina)

  Deputy Minister of Human Capabilities:

Pursuing signing a memorandum of understanding with Dr. Salar Amoli


   Budapest University:

Pursuing signing a memorandum of understanding with one of Iranian Universities (Semnan)