Apply for Scholarships

Application procedure

The applicants should thoroughly read the primary information below. The eligible candidates can apply for three types of scholarship:

  1. Scholarships allocated by the MSRT; the completed Application Form through Iranian diplomatic channels (e. g. the Iranian Embassy, Consulate, or the state institution, etc.) based in the home country. The Application forms could also be submitted to the MSRT via email to CISC@msrt. ir .
  2. Scholarships allocated based on the signed MOUs between the two countries; the completed Application Form through the relevant ministries of their countries (Foreign Affairs, Higher Education or Science& Technology) in Tehran.
  3. Scholarships allocated by the Iranian universities; the completed Application Forms can be directly submitted to the Iranian University. Further information on the Iranian universities can be found on theMinistry’s website .

The Application Form and other required documents should be received by the MSRT or the relevant university, by no later than 22 nd August 2016, or 21st November 2016, to start the course on First and Second Semester, respectively.

Primary information

The admission procedure and the requirements for non-Iranian applicants, according to the Regulation of granting Educational Scholarship to Non-Iranian students, are as follows:

– Academic qualification requirements

Last Qualified Academic DegreeRequired GPA (out of 20)
Ma in Humanities, Art & Agriculture15
MA in Technology, Engineering & Basic Sciences14
Ph. D.16
Professional Doctorate in Medicine 

 – Maximum age requirement 

Academic DegreeApplicant’s Maximum Age (when application is being made)
BA22 years
BA (Farsi Literature & Theology)25 years
MA26 years
MA (Farsi Literature & Theology)29 years
PhD31 years
PhD (Farsi Literature & Theology)34 years

The total fund allocated to each applicant depends on the type of scholarship allocated to the applicant, which is decided in the scholarship board meeting; according to the signed MOUs between the two Parties, the course the student wishes to study and other circumstances.  In terms of payment, there are two types of scholarships:

  • Type A: this scholarship covers full tuition fees and accommodation costs. In addition, the annual Living Stipend allocated to each student is given in the table below.
Degree ProgrammeMonthly Stipend (USD)
  • Type B: this scholarship only covers full tuition fees and accommodation costs.

The eligible applicants are then required to follow below procedures:

  • Download and fill out the Application Form ,
  • Submit the additional documents:
    • The completed Application Form and any other forms referred to in the Application Form
    • True or true copy of all the academic degrees and the print of transcriptions of the accredited degrees; accredited by the National Authority of your country and the Iranian representative of your country,
    • Two new passport sized photographs of the applicant,
    • Copy of the first page of the passport,
    • Three recommendation letters, provided by the lecturers in the academic career; required for MA and Ph. D. applicants only. ‌

Source: MSRT